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Caosk Studios


Hey everyone,
Vanilla here bringing some updates on what is currently going on in Caosk's League of Legends Squad.
(This is a pretty long news post with no TL;DR and requires a minor knowledge about League of Legends. As this is mainly a CS driven community, the content might not be suitable for everyone.)

Roster Changes

To begin with, I would like to give some explanations to why we did the following changes.
The primary reason to why we did the changes was due to the recent performance, but also because we've entered a stage where there hasn't been any improvements teamwise; which the recent performances can prove. In fact, I would go as far to say that our team performance is declining over time. And this is not good sign for us, as we want to become better as a team.
After some discussions and role swaps, we've come to the conclusion that a role swap is currently the better option along with adding 'King Fragz' to the Main roster. The complete roster is a following:

Main Roster:
• DarkJose (Diamond I) - Top - No changes.
• fillepop (Diamond IV) - Jungle - Moved from Midlane.
• ocefrag (Diamond I) - Mid - New to the team!
• Lozac (Platinum IV) - Marksman - Moved from Jungle.
• Vanilla (Gold I) - Support & Team Captain - No changes.

Substitute Players:

• CookieAwesome (Gold III) - Sub Support - No changes.
• Tropycana (Platinum III) - Sub Marksman - Moved from Main Marksman.

• Rict (Platinum II) - Sub Jungle - Remained inactive until removed from team.

You may ask three things.
1) Why did Tropycana get moved to Substitute?
2) Why did we add King Fragz?
3) Why the role swaps?

First of all, I would like to say that this roster has been approved by everyone in the team, so there are no dictatorship going on in the

1) The reason to why 'Tropycana' got moved to Substitute was due to him wanting to focus on his academics rather than League, which brings me to the second question.
2) We were in need of a Marksman for the team, and since some of us had a good relation to 'King Fragz' and knew how he played, we
decided to invite him to the team and replace 'Tropycana'.
3) However, this did not work out as it intended it to do, so we made some adjustments on the roles until everyone felt comfortable with their new roles and we eventually ended up with the current roles.

Meet the players!

Vanilla commenting the members:
DarkJose (Diamond I) - Top
José is that one quiet guy you need in the team, and is literally the top player of our team as he's by far the strongest player here. He knows what he is doing most of the time and knows how to handle those situations as well as adapting himself to them. While he might not be unstoppable, you will have to work very hard to get a kill on him as José possess a large amount of skill on the the top lane. One mistake and José is ahead of you. Without him, our team wouldn't even have existed in first place as he was the one to persue me into creating a team with him. I thank him both as a teammate and a friend for persuing me into the team! Also one of the three original members of Silent Symphony.
fillepop (Diamond IV) - Jungle - @Twitch
The almighty fillepop. Once a peasant like me, has now evovled into a highly skilled Midlane assassin and Jungler. He might be greedy from time to time, but this is the guy who is capable of turning around duels and fights as soon as you turn a blind eye to him. Also ready to strike when you least expect him to. Definitely one of the stronger ones in the team, as he always keeps trying.
Fillepop is one of the original members of our previous team Silent Symphony, together with me and José.
ocefrag (Diamond I) - Mid
The newcomer in the team, previously under the name of 'Ocefrag'. While we do not know that much about him, we do know that he has great reflexes and possess a large amount of experience when it comes to analysing the current state of game. Now that he got the lane he has most experience on, will he finally show us what he is capable of?
Lozac (Platinum IV) - Marksman - @Twitch
Previously the Jungler of the team and now the Marksman of the team. Had a good record in the Jungle during his time in Silent Symphony, but eventually choked at the end of the season. Does this make him a bad player? Nope, he is still a good player even if he disbelieves it himself. While he may not be the stronger one in the team, he is definitely not the weaker one. This guy keeps the conversation flow going in the game, and always made sure that we were up to date with current situations and constantly doing what he can to assist the team.

DarkJose commenting on Vanilla:
Vanilla (Gold I) - Support - @Twitch
Is our team captain and also the team manager. He works really hard for us, it's thanks to him our team is in order and organized. Among all of us, he's the one who cares the most, hence we elected him as our team captain. He's also the support of the team, even though he may not be the best player in our team, he's probably the one who tries the hardest. Pessimistic most of the time, he's even optimistic when playing with us, and that makes us want to do our best and don't let him down. We want to reach further in the competitive scene of LoL and he does his best to make it possible. In summary, he's a great player, but even better person and friend.

This should sum up this weeks news post.
Hopefully we can show some good results next week and for the upcoming Amateur-Amateur Swedish LCS!

Vanilla (Snowical)


#1 by Eroma Clanmember 05.01.2014 - 21:30
Avatar   Sweden Homepage offline
Good luck with the new line up! And welcome King Fragz!
#2 by 05.01.2014 - 23:34
Avatar   not available offline
Great read, good luck with the new roster!
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