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Introducing: mander and Caosk eSports.VKK CS:GO Sweden
Published: 04.01.2014 | 00:02 Author:
Who am I?
Hello, I am Mathias mander Andersen and I'm a Swedish Counter-Strike Global Offensive player. I’ve been playing CS:GO since the release/beta with some hiatus during the time and decided to start playing it again on a more competitive level. I’ve also been playing Counter-Strike 1.6 since the age of 11/12, while taking some breaks to play games like WoW, SC2 and LoL. However, I kept playing 1.6 until the end of 2012, mostly playing on the Playnation ladder, and eventually attended events like online tournaments and qualifications.
As a person, I'm very helpful and friendly. In other words, if you have any questions or something else on your mind. Do not hesitate to ask me! Some of my hobbies include gaming and weightlifting / bodybuilding. I've been playing games since I got my first computer at the age of 10, and been lifting weights for about 1,5 years as I still have a big passion for it.

My role
I am currently a member of 'Caosk eSports.VKK CS:GO Sweden' and will be playing for the team. I will also help Caosk eSports community by publishing news about esports, primarily about the CS:GO scene, but also about our own team as in recent results etc.

About our current team
Our team leader Fredrick 'Junn3' Jessen contacted Jocke 'Eroma' Nygren, the founder of the Caosk eSports community, and asked if we could play for his community. A few days later, and we are here. We as team have been together for about a month, under the team name of ‘Emospel’; which 2 of us also played under during the 1.6 period. I am really happy with our current line-up, as we enjoy to play together and have a lot of fun while playing and making progress.

Our line-up
Comments on the players by Fredrick Junn3 Jessen.
1. Mathias mander Andersen – Has always been a calm player and he never gets mad even if he has a bad day. Always get the team in the right mood. One of our strongest riflers and can also pick up the green gun if needed.
2. Martin Héz- Glans Mitkovski – Is one of a kind, he is always aiming to get better. Funny thing about Martin is that he plays his best when he is in difficult situations, like 1onX situations. If we put it in words he is our clutch player.
3. Marcus mirren Lundqvist – There are no bad days for that guy. I think I have seen him play bad 2-3 times and that’s it. Definitely our madfragger in the team.
4. Simon epy Persson – Is our freshest member in the team. Very calm and methodical guy. Always believes in his team. Crazy good with the awp, sometimes he can win matches by himself.
Comment on Fredrick ‘Junn3’ Jessen by Mathias mander Andersen.
5. Fredrick Junn3 Jessen – Is our in-game leader and also the team captain. Without Fredrick in the team it wouldn´t be a team, it wouldn’t be any structure at all in the games. He is making up all the rounds, and organizes the team. He is also a great overall player, he is a very good rifler and is also great with the AWP. A significant player to the team, both in-game and outside the game making us all want to play CS:GO at a competitive level. Wanting the best for his team and always want to improve our teamplay and his own mindgame.

Our Goals
1. To participate in several tournaments and leagues, and make a name of us and Caosk-Esports. Play a lot in other words.
2. We seek to participate in an offline tournament.


#1 by Eroma Clanmember 04.01.2014 - 01:03
Avatar   Sweden Homepage offline
Welcome! smiling
#2 by k0nan Clanmember 04.01.2014 - 01:37
Avatar   Sweden Homepage offline
Looking forward to se you and the team in action.
#3 by 04.01.2014 - 03:44
Avatar   not available offline
#4 by 04.01.2014 - 17:14
Avatar   not available offline
hey smiling)) sent you an invite on steam !!! lets chat some time very good write up.!!!!
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