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Introducing: SAIIL
Published: 03.01.2014 | 10:09 Author:
Who am I?
Hello, I am Shaun “SAIIL” McKinney, I am an Australian Counter-strike Global Offensive competitor. I’ve been playing CSGO for around 8 months now, however I’ve been playing the Counterstrike series for around ten years. I was not very competitive in Counterstrike: Source because of time management and my current job in the forces. I will be looking to change things for CSGO. I played Counter-strike 1.6 since it came out, yet only played in two teams; one called virus and the other MYTH nonetheless never played at a professional level in the game.
I would say that an endearing trait of mine is that I am loyal and will help anyone out to the best of my capabilities, or find someone who can. Some of my hobbies include gaming, and music. I have been playing guitar for 15 years now, so if anyone would like some tips on setups and techniques in excelling learning capabilities hit me up.

My role
I was approached by 'Eroma' a few weeks ago about an offer to write news for a recently formed site called ‘Caosk Esports’. Obviously I agreed to the task. In my role I will be producing write ups on current affairs and competitions in the Counter-Strike Global Community and open topics up to discussion with the members of Caosk-Esports. I would also like to collaborate with the Caosk community to help find ways to improve counterstrike global offence and in my opinion tackling the problem of cheaters in Valve’s Match Making service.

My current team
My current team called ‘DARKHORSE’ formed about 3 months and have gone through a few line-up changes, however the core 3 have remained the same. For that 3 months we have been working hard to find the right mix of players. We believe we are a step closer to achieving this with our current line-up. Our players hail from all walks of life, and are currently located in different capital cities throughout Australia. Those of you familiar with Australian geography will know that we have a rather large country, and managing the difference in time zones has so far proved to be our biggest challenge. Luckily, all players are committed to making things work and are managing to overcome such challenges. Though our current line-up has only been together for a relatively short period of time, we have managed to mould a core of players that get along both in and outside the game.

Our line-up
1. baAL – Located in Perth, baAL has been in attendance at many Western Lans and RFlans, which have allowed baAL to have a massive presence in the western community of Australia. He is a committed player, and is working hard to improve his game. Easy to get along with, baAL brings with him a desire to get to the top of Australian Counterstrike. What he may lack in experience, he certainly makes up for in enthusiasm and dedication to the cause.
2. Hayden - Located in Sydney, Hayden is a very committed player with a strong will to perform, win and better himself. Hayden is constantly working on his individual game and is a regular viewer of streams, VODs and GOTV’s. As a player, he has played for’ myth’ before joining ‘DARKHORSE’, and is committed to helping the team achieve their goals.
3. jimNeso – Located in Brisbane, one of Australia's sharpest awpers in my opinion, hitting countless shots that should simply not be made. He played season 1 Professional CS:GO in Cybergamer competition for a team called dinQ which won first CS:GO competition in Australia. jimNeso has strong LAN experience, with multiple national competitions under his belt, culminating in a runner up finish at WCG 2011.
4. SAIIL - Located in Perth, SAIIL is strong willed to succeed at any task, played with many teams and with very professional players learning a lot over the 10 years. Is always seeking to improve his game and learn from the best. The ingame leader of the team, SAIIL is known for his ‘outside the box’ strategies.
5. RJ – Located in Canberra, RJ is a strong aimer and overall a very consistent player that was wanted by many, yet we managed to secure his services. Surprisingly he has also turned out to be a good friend. Whilst relatively new to the game, RJ has taken to the game like a fish to water and continues to go from strength to strength.
6. NavE- Also located in Perth. navE is one of the sharpest aimers in the team. He may only the sub of our team and hasn't been playing Counter-strike for a long time but has the most potential and is someone to look out for in the future.

Our Goals
1. To win the Cybergamer Professional League in upcoming seasons.
2. To create a team that will be remembered for years to come.
3. Create our own Youtube page to help starting teams reach their goals.


#1 by 03.01.2014 - 10:25
Avatar   not available offline
Made some minor adjustments to the headline and text.
#2 by k0nan Clanmember 03.01.2014 - 16:24
Avatar   Sweden Homepage offline
I'm looking forward to read some of your groundbreaking news ^^
Also, best of luck with your team!
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