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csg Caosk-Esports vs. Tierp
for Games4u Nordic Master qualifier #5 on 2016-01-02
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Vafan
for Games4u Nordic Masters Qualifier #5 on 2016-01-02
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Kavorkishka
for Games4u Nordic Masters Qualifier #5 on 2016-01-02
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Pods
for Nordic Master qualifier on 2015-12-29
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Resurrection
for Nordic Master qualifier on 2015-12-29
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Executioners
for Cevo PRESEASON 1 on 2015-12-16
csg Caosk-Esports vs. Infinity eSports
on 2015-12-16


Caosk Studios


New Banlist
Published: Tue, 18th Oct | 19:52 Author: k0nan
Hey guys!
Today we launch our new banlist. Whats new? Well.. Everything!
Instead of using sourcebans we waned our own integrated banpage with easily accessed info about appeals, reporting and other good how-to's.
With this update everyone, not only serveradmins, can view added comments to the ban as well.
The new page have replaced the "sourcebans" tab in the menu but you can also access it from
Chat/Name -Filter
Published: Sun, 16th Oct | 22:32 Author: k0nan
This evening we've added a long needed update for all our servers.

Firstly we've added a few keywords to the namefilter so that more websites should be automatically filtered out.
Secondly we've added a large filter of keywords that are blocked in the chat. These keywords have been blocked with regex. What does that mean you might ask yourself(?) Well, with regex we can not only block a single word, we can block all the ways you can type a word with numbers and special chars. Like 7hi$ and even T H....I $.

Lastly we've added automatically punishments. This means that whenever you trigger the filter with a blocked word you will "score" a point. If you get enough points you will get automatically banned or gagged. The system works like this, if you, for example, get 2 points, you might get a warning. If you get 5 points, you might get a gag and a warning. If you reach 10 points, you'll be banned. The point system works differently depending on what keyword you trigger.

This system blocks racism, bad words (please tell us if there are some word we need to add to the filer), ip addresses and websites. BUT! there's also exceptions! You can type some websites and ip addresses, like ours!
HNS Updates
Published: Sun, 16th Oct | 17:27 Author: k0nan
We now consider the whole jumpstats/gstrafe issue resolved and we've once again changed back to the original database to store the jumpstats. Stats from the latest month will therefore be removed and previously gained stats will now be shown in the toplists again. We are still not sure that everything will work 100% so please let us know if anything is strange on the servers.
Some website updates
Published: Sun, 16th Oct | 17:22 Author: k0nan
- Removed support category "Teamspeak"
- Removed teamspeak from "Quckconnect"
- Removed teamspeak from mainmenu
- Removed Bytecore ads
- Removed Bytecore as sponsor
- Removed bytecore logo in MOTD page (showed when joing CSGO servers)
- Removed Teamspeak server from servers page
- Removed the admingroup "Teamspeak Admin"
- Removed Teamspeak from FAQ page
- Removed possibillity for serveradmins to vote on applicants
- Removed possibillity for serveradmins to view other admins comments on applications
- Removed notifications for application-comments for serveradmins

+ Added text to Teamspeak page: "page is disabled"
+ Added new group: Election Committee
+ Granted Election Committee full permissions to handle admin applications
+ Added feature to promote/demote members to be in the Election Committee for superadmins
+ Added image/ad for sponsors/partners on main-page (when not logged in)

# Fixed some issues with the applicationcenter for admins
# Fixed issue where you could not delete categorys in the ticket system
Source-/Metamod Updates
Published: Sun, 16th Oct | 10:30 Author: k0nan
For the past days our servers have been un-playable.
First we thought that we've fixed the issue by updating to the latest stable SM build.
We later noticed that it did not solve the issue.
Today we've updated both Sourcemod and Metamod to the latest dev builds which turned out to solve our issues.
These builds however, are not yet fully stable. Please report any issue here.
Extra Insatt Årsmöte - Protokoll
Published: Sat, 15th Oct | 10:16 Author: k0nan
VI har nu sammanställt protokollet från det extra insatta årsmötet.
Du kan läsa protokollet här. (Samtliga protokoll finns även på dokument-sidan)

Den Nya Styrelsen:

Nick: Eroma
Namn: Jocke Nygren
Roll: Ordförande

Nick: k0nan
Namn: Anton Nilsson
Roll: Sekreterare

Nick: Ellebojan
Namn: Elias Ljungqvist
Roll: Kassör

Nick: kneign
Namn: Robin Moström
Roll: Ledamot

Vi kan gladligen säga att alla motioner b... [Read More]
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