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csg Caosk-Esports vs. Tierp
for Games4u Nordic Master qualifier #5 on 2016-01-02
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on 2015-12-16


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Create HNS Blocks

In this guide we will be creating blocks for HNS.

Before we start, make sure you have these programs installed.

1. Making the textures

Sizes that we'll be using:
- Top/Bottom: 512x512px
- Sides 512x64px

Open up Photoshop and create your images using the dimensions mentioned above. Be sure to save the images as a VTF file (this option will only be available if you've installed the VTF extension). I usually name the file blockname_top and blockname_side, depending on if it's the side or top/bottom image for the block. Ex, bhop_top

(if you don't use photoshop you should save the fil as a bmp (24 bit) and use VTFEdit to create a VTF file from it.)

Place the VTF file inside SERVERROOT/csgo/materials/blocks (we'll be using the name "blocks" for the folder in this tutorial, you should name it something similar to your server hostname).

Now you should create a VMT file (this is the file that would link the texture (VTF) to your model (MDL).
Start by opening notepad (notepad++, sublimetext or some advanced text editor is preferable)
On a new/blank document you should write the following:

"$basetexture" "blocks/blockname_top"

Change the folder "blocks" to whatever you named the folder to put your VTF in.
Also change "blockname_top" to whatever you named your block.
Now save the file with the same name as your VTF as a .vmt file and place it in the same folder as the VTF (SERVERROOT/csgo/materials/blocks).

Now you should have two files like this:

Now create a vtf and vmt the same way but for the side image of the blocks. Just go through the same steps as we just did but name the files with _side as ending and use the other dementions at the top.

When you are done with your first block it could look like this inside your SERVERROOT/csgo/materials/blocks folder:

These are all the files needed for the textures to work for one of the blocks. Use this method to create all the blocks you are gonna use, bhop, trampoline, death, etc...

Recompiling the mdl files

We'll be cheating a bit here. We will not be creating our own .mdl files but instead use this model that we'll be recompiling with the new textures we just made using crowbar.

So in this step we'll basically create multiple duplicates of one model but with different textures. Since the blocks all have the same form and size there is no need to create a new model for each block.

Create a folder and place the files you just downloaded in. Now open Crowbar and click on the "Decompiler" tab up to the left.
Hit the "Brows" button at the top right and navigate to the folder you just created. Choose the platform.mdl file and hit "Open".
Below "Output Folder", just mark "Subfolder (of MDL file)" and then press the "Decompile MDL File" button at the bottom left.
You should now see a text output with the text "...Decompiling finished." at the bottom.

In the folder you created you should now see a new folder named decompiled...something.
Enter that folder and open up the .qc file with your text editor.

In this file you should specify the paths of the textures and the mdl file.
Like this

$modelname "blocks\blockname.mdl"
// change "blocks" to the path you want to use (preferably the server hostname)
// change "blockname" to the name of the block, ex bhop

$bodygroup "body"
studio "blockname_reference.smd"
// change "blockname" to the name of the block

$cdmaterials "blocks\"
// this is the path of the textures. change "blocks" to foldername you placed your VMTs and VTFs in.

$surfaceprop "default"

$contents "solid"

// Change "blockname" to the name of the block
$sequence "idle" "blockname_anims\idle.smd" {
fps 1
activity "ACT_IDLE" 1
// change "blockname to the name of the block
$collisionmodel "blockname_physics.smd"
$mass 1
$inertia 1
$damping 0
$rotdamping 0

save the file and go to Crowbar again. Now click the "compiler" tab in the top middle of the window. Make sure "Game to compile for:" is set to csgo and then hit the "Brows" button at the right and choose the QC file you just edited. Now hit the "Compile QC File" button at the bottom left.

You should now see some text output (check for errors) and at the bottom it should say that the compile is finished. If you wanna check out your new model with the textures applied, hit "View Model in Model Viewer". This will launch a program where you can twist and inspect your model to see it like it will look in-game. (for the textures to work you must place the VTF and VMT files in your csgo/materials/blocks folder (change "blocks" to whatever you used for name)
If you are happy with the result, go back to Crowbar and hit the "Go to Model File" button to right right of the "View Model..." button. This will open a folder that was created during the compiling in your csgo/models folder. The folder name should be the name you specified in the QC and the files in the folder should be at least four files. Among these files there should be a VTX, MDL, PHY and a VVD file.

Here's an example. I created a platform block and I named my folder to caosk.
in the folder csgo/materials/caosk there are four files.
In the folder csgo/models/caosk there are also four files.

If you need help with anything please use our support page

k0nan | 2016-02-23 Approved by: k0nan


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