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Open Firewall Ports (NETGEAR)

This is a short and simple guide for those who have a Netgear router and want to open a port in the router firewall. This guide shows how to open ports on the Netgear CG3700EMR -1CMNDS but every newer Netgear model/software version are about the same.
Lets begin

1. Finding out your router local IP
Open up command prompt (CMD) by pressing WIN KEY + R, then typing "cmd" and pressing enter. You could also access it from the windows start menu (if you have a older windows then cool
Now type "ipconfig" and find the IP for the deffault gateway. (also remember the IPv4 Address)

2. Accessing your router interface
Now open your web browser and paste the IP and hit enter.
You should now see a login form that requires username and password.
If you have not changed this yourself it should be the default
username: admin
password: password
The default login information might differ a bit on other models/versions. Just google the router model or software version with "Default login" as added keywords and you should be able to find out what to enter the form.

When you have logged in you should press the "Advanced" tab to the top-right and then the "Advance setup"-dropdown to the left. In the dropdown, press the "port forwarding/port triggering".

3. Adding your application/port
Now click the "Add Custom Services"-button to the bottom-right of the page.
Choose if you want to open UDP or TCP (if you don't know the difference you could just open both by selecting "UDP/TCP" as the service type.
Fill in a name for your service, add the start/ending ports you want to open. I will enter 27015 as the port since that is the Counter-Strike default port for servers.
Set the External IP Address to "any".
Last you have to enter the local IP address for the computer that you want to open the ports for. This is the Ipv4 IP address that you should have remembered from the first step in this guide.
Now click the "Apply" button at the top.

The port should now be open.
Remember to turn off (or open the ports in..) your local windows firewall and/or your anti virus firewall too.

k0nan | 2016-03-14 Approved by: k0nan


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