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Dissecting the Changes in the Latest CS:GO Patch
Date 24.09.2015
Author k0nan
Links Gosugamers

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The changes introduced in the latest CS:GO patch were nothing short of revolutionary, and while we have already covered most of them, we are yet to take a closer look at exactly why they're so impactful. Bug-fixes tossed aside, the areas on which we need to focus are hit boxes, weapon behavior and animations.

Of these, arguably the most important are the freshly overhauled hit boxes, which alter the very dynamic of the game by modifying the location-specific damage modeling. The hit-boxes of old were cube-shaped with sharp angles providing a decent coverage of the CT and T model, but there were many problems with them and they always represented a sort of taboo no developer really wanted to touch. The new, capsule-shaped hit boxes are obviously much more accurate. There's a much higher degree of overlapping within the hit box model, which is also a major plus when it comes to accurately determining where projectiles hit and how much damage they cause. In addition to reshaping the actual boxes Valve have sorted out a hit-box alignment issue too, which was painfully obvious when the characters performed movements such as jumping and climbing ladders. The bottom line in this respect is that a number of major impediments to CS:GO's strategic layers and skill-based advantage-creation were removed. Good riddance!

Above and beyond the above said game-play improvements though, the improvement of the hit-box structure will turn the professional scene upside down as well: professional players - by virtue of their intimate knowledge of every bit of minutiae concerning the game - knew of the hit-box issues and they knew how to exploit them too. This aspect of pro game-play will obviously wither away in the wake of the patch. For instance, no longer will players be able to collect risk-free jump-and-peek intelligence. With shooting accuracy being rewarded more pronouncedly now and with the head hit-bubble bigger, such moves will expose players in rather obvious fashion.

Another important improvement brought about by the patch is the automatic culling of weapon models when they're up against a thin surface like a flimsy wall or a door. More on this in another article though.

Peter Wassenberg has been working for Gosugamers, the top eSports site, since 2004

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