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CS:GO "Reanimated" Through Latest Update
Date 22.09.2015
Author k0nan
Links Everything eSports

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On the surface, the latest CS:GO update may not look like it's accomplished much, but at a second glance, the tweaks it brought have just about revolutionized Steam's most popular game. The changes are so profound indeed that those who have not played the game for a while might want to jump back in just to experience it in an altogether much more enjoyable light.

While the tweaks were numerous indeed, without a doubt, the most important and the one with the biggest overall impact on gameplay, was the tinkering done with the player hitboxes. The hitboxes are now much smoother and much more realistic, and coupled with the changes brought to character skeletons, they have ushered in a new evolutionary phase for the game. In a post on their official blog, Valve have said that they were looking to continuously refine animation, so one should probably expect more along the lines of this update in the future.

What else was changed though?

- All player body animations have been replaced and new ones have been added.

- New player states, like bomb defusing and ladder-climbing have been added as well.

- Player model geometry has been re-rigged completely, together with scaffold animation.

- All world model weapon animations have been replaced as well.

- The way player animation sequences are initiated has been changed too: they're now triggered by the server.

- The player ragdoll has had its angular constraints redone, together with the interaction pairs.

- Support for non-polygonal capsule-shaped hit volumes has been added and shared hitboxes have been replaced with the new line segment and radius-based sets.

The above mentioned tweaks are only the tip of the iceberg. There have been plenty more such improvements, enough that together that have completely altered and sharpened the overall feel of the game.

The update brought several game-play improvements too: players will no longer have limbs and weapons poking through thin walls, and some weapons have had their stats modified as well.

Peter Wassenberg works for the best eSports destination of the web,

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